25/7/2013 05:37:36 pm

I have noticed pipi's commitment to her work, and l thank you for that.

adam Phillips
27/7/2013 12:27:49 pm

Well done Pipi your have been putting in the effort in your homework and its showing with all your great spelling and reading.

Robyn Rakete
30/7/2013 06:20:05 am

Pleased to hear that you participated in class by presenting about your holiday. We were very proud of you on that Volcano, because we thought it was pretty scary!!!

Sarah Joyce
31/7/2013 01:25:10 pm

Hi Lily. I thought you did a great job on your mini beast assignment. You researched it on the computer, did your own sketches and presented the information well on your poster. Well done! :-)

31/7/2013 02:20:16 pm

I really enjoyed reading your persuasive writing about composting and well done for being so speedy.

Jan Begg
1/8/2013 06:24:52 am

Arama I loved your prezi about our trip; you will have to teach me how to do one.. And I am so glad you are doing lots of reading at home.

Krystal Hori
1/8/2013 11:45:29 am

Hi Josh. I am so very proud of how you have been achieving your goals. Keep up the hard work at school and at home x

Olesya Gan
1/8/2013 04:53:16 pm

I am very happy that you are the best in class with your timetable. Well done ! Hard work pay off :).

Ginny Hoult
4/8/2013 05:22:20 pm

I enjoy seeing you trying so hard and it paying off with your composting writing, Well done on finishing first and getting a big golden sticker.

Gary Smith
4/8/2013 06:29:55 pm

Thank you Rhianna for showing me this site, its quite interesting. I must try to make more time to check thiks site out as Rhianna was quite excited to show it to me

Rachel McLellan
5/8/2013 06:17:20 am

Hi Bayden, You are doing some fantastic work at school so far!! I am looking forward to seeing more. Great reading.

Roz Clent
5/8/2013 02:11:39 pm

Hi Matthew I was really impressed with your work on composting. I'm looking forward to you being able to share your knowledge with me to help set up our compost bins at our new house!

Chris McLellan
5/8/2013 03:53:18 pm

Hi Bayden... I am so proud of you and the way that you have settled into Riverview School. You have also made some really good friends.....

6/8/2013 06:04:39 pm

Maisy, I was really proud of you when you presented your 'Who am I' power point earlier in the year.
Also I loved watching you make your Huhu beetle for your Mini beast assignment! (even thought it didn't have matching wings!)

carl harding
8/8/2013 05:53:01 am

Hi William. Well done for making such good progress in all areas. You are really making a big effort. Your reaing is fantastic.

kathryn wilson
10/8/2013 12:07:06 pm

Hi Luca! I enjoyed rugby prizegiving in the weekend, getting to meet 2 All Blacks ! It has been a good fun season of rugby. I like your centipede minibeast project, it turned out really well. I'm looking forward to helping you finish your prezzi this week. : )


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