I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays.  
No I haven't been saving the world!

What has everyone been doing?

30/4/2013 01:25:45 pm

Hi mrK, my dad got a new job the same day as my sisters birthday.The week before, we went to Auckland and went to the dawn parade.
From Arama

30/4/2013 01:39:27 pm

I've had my friend Max come over for the holidays, we went to the Anzac dawn service. Been on the cycle trail @ kaikohe and went through the tunnel and on a bmx track. And walked from paihia to
opua and back again. Have been to watch a movie called The Croods.
from callum.

4/5/2013 01:42:14 pm

Hi mrK, in the holidays me & my brother Liam were fishing in our
pond & our bait was chicken & luncheon. After a little while I caught a big eel. My silly Dad got slime all up his arm then he said "oooo im all slimey now, i'll wash this ooze off my arm right this instant!" Liam did not catch anything and when everybody left, I put the bait on the hook all by myself. Just as I was lifting my rod, Nugget ran up to the hook & bit it & yelped. So I caught an eel and a Nugget! Luckily he was alright.

Today is Monday my first day of tenis camp for 4 whole days.
I am in division 3 & division 2. Over the 4 days I enjoyed playing
pacman & runing skittles plus jumping skittles. Me & Iler came 2nd in the doubles tournament. Me & Iler won a trophy that said
"Tennis Camp 2013 ~ Doubles Runner up". It was so much FUN at Tennis Camp. I learnt heaps and can't wait to go again!

On Thursday afternoon & all day Friday I went to the Netball Holiday Programme at the Netball Centre. That was cool fun too, but by the end of the week ... I was really tired!

Yay it's the weekend and I can relax before school on Monday ....
See you ther Mr K!

Lily Stephen
4/5/2013 04:46:52 pm

Hi Mr K, I went to Rainsbows End. My sister and i went on the rollercoaster, we went upside down.I also went to the Stardome at the Planetarium.

Joshua Young
4/5/2013 05:17:57 pm

This holidays really had fun.Firstly...I wached the croods then I wached 3D iron man I drove to mangonui with my brother,my mum,my nana and my uncle we drove there because we were seeing our nana and grandad.We went fishing,we cauht 2 snappers but they were too skinny,a few crabs.About one day later we went to our other dad's house.the end

Lily V
5/5/2013 06:29:09 am

What I did in the holidays
In the holidays my cousins came over their names are Madison and Brooklyn while they were here we went to tapuaetahi we saw a dead shark it was disgusting because its guts were coming out. Later on my uncle went out on the rocks he found some kina and a star fish and also some shells. A while later there were some people riding horses we waved at them and they came over and then we got to pat the horses. One of the horses was 3 it was huge and the other one was 13, it was big but not that big. Then we all got a ride on the horses it was fantastic after that we went home it was the best day ever.

On the second Friday of the holidays my mum my sister and my two brothers went to Kaikoe for a bike track it was really long there was a tunnel built in 1915 it was really hard to see because there were bends in it so you couldn't see the end and the worst part was my mum bought my grandmas car and lost the keys and all of us had to look for them apparently my mums car key worked in my grandmas car then we went home.
By Lily.

5/5/2013 02:53:37 pm

In the holidays I went to the movies and watched Escape from planet Earth and it was about aliens. i went to Whangarei and stayed with my cousins and we went to a really cool park where I climbed to the top of a huge spider net tower, i got higher than my big brother!
by Elani

5/5/2013 03:12:10 pm

In the holidays we went to the Black rocks beach with some friends. we made a Indian tee pee .we made it out of dirift wood.that we found and i found some rope that we used to tie around the top.it was as tall as me and 4 kids could fit inside. I also made a pretend fire out of rocks.

5/5/2013 04:09:18 pm

Hi mr K on the holidays i went to tapou to look
for a house to live in.
The day after the lady that owns the house
rang us and said we got the house.
Oh and it is a 2 story house.
From kira

6/5/2013 05:17:11 am

I saw the croods on the coromandel and had 3 night on waikehe lsland we got to see dolpins they were very very close to us

6/5/2013 01:32:51 pm

I went camping at Otaua with my cousins. I also went to Auckland and watched the Croods. On the way home I went to the wave pools. My favourite bit of the pools was on the obstacle course. We raced other people on the course and we could go by ourselves.
From Dylan

7/5/2013 04:33:06 pm

i went to Aukland and rainbows end!!!

7/5/2013 05:54:49 pm

In the holidays I stayed with my dad and watched the new movie called Frakeenweenie. It was my dads birthday on Saturday, he turned 40 years old. Also i went over to my cousins house it was really fun.

15/5/2013 06:13:54 pm

I have done skids on my buggy. But then it brouk down on the next day.


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